BFC Gas and Electric

Large scale gasification, power and steam production. BFC employs a fluidized bed gasification system, the gas is then combusted in a steam boiler, the steam is then used to produce power via steam turbine.

The power plant located just outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The plant has a current power output capacity of 9MW, but is currently limited to 7.5MW by boiler output limits. Future expansion of an additional boiler would allow for an additional 2.5MW of power and the possibility of additional steam for other applications. BFC's current power output is enough to power approximately 400 homes. An additional 2.5MW will power approximately 135 more homes.

BFC uses a wide variety of fuel sources, including sawmill waste, recycled rail road ties, new energy biomass crops, and various reclaimed waste products that would otherwise end up in the land fill. Gasification is a good solution to a large problem, the bulk reduction of waste, while producing green power . The "waste" produced from the gasification process is in the form of ash. The gasification process result is a 95% to 98% reduction, from fuel input to ash output. The ash is then used in compost, completing the landfill waste stream diversion cycle. Clean energy produced from waste!

For this application, using a fluidized bed gasification system is the way to go. The size of the plant allows for proper fuel preparation for a fluidized bed system. The gas being produced is a heat grade gas, no cooling or filtering is needed, or wanted for that matter. The gas being consumed is used to produce steam, this eliminates the need to produce tar free gas.

Fluidized bed gasification uses a "bed" of hot sand that literally floats on a cushion of air. The sand is continuously circulating and provides the heat to gasify the incoming fuel. Any heavy mater in the incoming fuel like nails work their way through the sand and drop to the bottom of the gasifier for removal at a later time. The design of a fluidized bed gasifier is such that it balances the amount of air for operation of the bed with the amount of air needed for gasification. Too much air and the gasifier completes the combustion cycle producing unburnable gas (complete combustion). Too little air and the bed of sand does not function properly. Fuel size and combustion properties are closely controlled to insure all variables are taken into consideration.

You can read a lot more about BFC at their website,


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