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Woodgas is some cool stuff, basically it is a gas produced from partiality combusting wood in an oxygen controlled environment. Check out the what is woodgas page!

******UPDATE JUNE 13, 2013****

I am ACTIVLY looking for alteritive energy freinds in the South Florida area, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, The acrerage ??? I am looking at doing woodgas, digester gas, and any other home energy projects... Please feel free to email me at my personal email address jdspreadborough (at) gmail (dot) com.... Presently I do not have a shop space other than my carport. It has been a limiting factor in my progress with projects.


The members of woodgas.net are committed to building and promoting a networked community of successful  woodgas users and builders. For the select few that have chosen to actually undertake the process of building a woodgas system, we can share our personal experience with building our woodgas systems. You many find some information on this website useful, but every build is different and we make no guarantees.

I have added the new forums to woodgas.net.

Feel free to sign the new guest book.

If you are a woodgasser send me an e-mail, I would be happy to put some of your projects up or add your website to my link page.

This site is maintained and hosted through the donations of individuals, like yourself. Your contribution is appreciated.

The google search below has been tuned to provide better search results, for woodgas, biomass, and alternative energy information. Give it a try. results will open in a new browser window, so you will not loose this page.

Woodgas.net has some very accomplished members in the woodgas field.

Wayne Keith is a well know in the woodgas circles as an accomplished builder, he also does academic lectures on woodgas as a sustainable renewable energy source. He successfully concluded a coast to coast run fueled completely by woodgas and participated in the escape from Berkley road rally in Southern California.

Mike LaRosa is a pioneer in running a fuel injected vehicle on woodgas. He didn't listen to the experts who said, "you need a vehicle with a carburetor and a manually advancable distributor to run woodgas. "

Jim Mason has done a lot for the advancement of woodgas as a real fuel source. His Gasifier Experimenters Kit (GEK) has been built all around the world. He regularly holds GEK work shops, often hosted by individual woodgas builder at there location, often at different corners of the globe.

I, (Jonathan Spreadborough), have built a couple woodgas projects, I converted my Ford F-250 to run on wood. While my truck not exactly pretty, it is a testament to the fact that anyone with determination to build a unit, can succeed, and with minimal investment.



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