Jeff Davis is one of the few who have a passion for converting "other" biomass substances into fuel for a gassifer.

 His work in the area of  "Fireballs" has been published in the Glow
(a publication of the Asia regional cookstove program) .

 The article is titled "FIREBALLS: Agglomerations of Biomass", Volume 38 August 2006.

This is a picture of some of his various "Fireballs".

12:00 position is a charcoal fireball 3:00 is a paper fireball 6:00 retted switchgrass
9:00 algae and sawdust and the center is something new (top secret).

Jeff uses a concrete mixer to make fire balls. Here are some pictures of the process of making paper fireballs in action. The round stones (rocks) are used in the mixing process. They help compact the fireballs and help the mixture mix while avoiding making one big fireball.

People often ask if you can use corn in a gassifer. Here is some pictures of Jeff doing exactly that.

Jeff has a wealth of information on "Fireballs" and other green energy projects at his website.




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