Jim Mason and the G.E.K.

I have to tip my hat to Jim. He is a believer, and a dreamer, who is working hard to make his dream come true. Jim believes in open source, it is not just about money, it is about making a difference, with global impact. Jim is the master engineer behind the Gasifier Experimenters Kit. (AKA the G.E.K), and his project is well supported by an active community of G.E.K. users, world wide!

Jim gives away his G.E.K. CAD designs for free!!

Or you can purchase everything from a complete power skid, to a kit that contains the DYI ready to weld parts, or a fully assembled GEK.

The fully assembled GEK

The complete power skid with GEK

The plumbing parts that come with a GEK kit.

The ready to weld kit.

Jim's website is http://www.gekgasifier.com/

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