This page is for useful links to other woodgas sites and other sites I have found useful for woodgas.

The general yahoo woodgas group

This yahoo group has a lot of information on woodgas, membership is open to everyone. Recommended reading from the files section is woodgas as engine fuel, FOA 72. You can also find the FEMA document here. The FEMA gassifer should only be considered an emergency gassifer, as with any gassifer tar production is a major concern, the FEMA design causes me more concern than the imbert.

Murray Equipment

This is an industrial supply company that stocks stainless steel pipe and nipples. Their prices are the best I have found and their customer service and shipping is excellent. I looked for quite a while to find a dealer that stocked 6" stainless pipe and would sell it by the foot.

Craig Moates is a automobile computer genius, he has designed and manufactured automobile reprogramming hardware, designed for the performance minded tuner. I purchased a Burn1 unit and a F3 chip, F2A, and F2E adapters from him for tuning my fuel injected Ford F-250 for woodgas. You can also find Paul Booths ECC Editor software at moates.

Jim Mason's website

Jim Mason has been working with woodgas for some time. He has developed the GEK gasification kit for those wanting to build a gassifer with step by step assembly instructions. 

Jeff Davis's website

Jeff is a great guy, and very knowledgeable in woodgas. He has spent considerable amount of time developing 'other' biomass products for gasification.

Johan Linell's website.

This is a Swedish website but is mostly in English. Johan is an accomplished woodgas builder.

Mr. Werner is another accomplished Swedish woodgas builder, his site is a little less English friendly but he is a great guy and is working on more English translation.

Journey to Forever

 This is just a great site, dedicated to alternative fuels. They are committed to bringing alternative fuels to developing nations by education and implementation. The Journey is an excellent concept, something I would love to be personally involved in.

Green trust

An excellent source for information and ideas on leading a more green lifestyle.

New Range Power Corp

Is a gasification company, using wood gasification for electrical power production.

Victory Gas Works

Victory Gasworks is an online community of alternative energy enthusiasts who are fed up with foreign oil, high prices and slow government action.

Alternative Energy News

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