Mike LaRosa is a good woodgas friend!

I have spent countless hours on the phone with him and regularly correspond by email. Mike has been a constant encouragement to keep me going when I get frustrated with some woodgas problem. I have bounced numerous ideas off of him and he has always been a straight shooter, he tells it like he sees it, "I don't think that will work because......", or "Try it, it just might work, if it does let me know, if it doesn't let me know too."

Mike was the first person I know of to run a fuel injected vehicle on woodgas. He seriously bucked the main stream woodgas theory, " you need a carburetor and a manually advanceable distributor." This theory seriously limited the availability of finding a donor vehicle to run on woodgas


Mike is well know in the woodgas world as the designer of the "LaRosafier" His design uses readily available parts like old water heaters brake routers and trash cans. His focus is on building simple working units that anyone with a simple welder, drill, grinder and a sawsall, can accomplish. A cutting torch is a bonus!






Mike's contact information.

Mike LaRosa
e-mail mlarosa@mhtc.net
web-site http://mrlarosa.com
woodgas pictures http://www.intergate.com/~mlarosa/images/woodgas/?M=D

M. R. LaRosa Technical Services
P.O. Box 383 (263 E. Main St.)
Linden, WI 53553
Tel. 608-623-3000

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