The privacy policy!

OK so here is the deal.

If you leave your email address on our guest book, anyone can read it and send you an email. If you do leave one, I will take that as an invitation to contact you, but I may not. If you send me an email, I will respond, time permitting, by sending me an email you are giving me permission to contact you.

I will not sell, rent or distribute your email address to another party without your express permission.

The server that are hosted on does log your ip address, as do pretty much all servers on the web. This information will never be used to identify you or your activities on other websites. However, the pages you visit on may be compiled into a report like awstats for reviewing website traffic and maintenance needs from time to time, including but not limited to advertiser validation requirements or other business needs.

Due to funding requirements for web hosting, and keeping this site updated this site is now supported in part by third party ad hosting. Your privacy is handled differently by those companies. Googgle and many other ad servers use cookies to track your activity. You have the right to opt out of may of these tracking cookies. If you are concerned about this issue please visit

Currently my website is using googgle adSense you can opt out of there dart cookie tracking here.


Adbrite is the other ad server I am using they have there own privacy policy and since you are here you should take the time to check their privacy policy out also.

You can view their privacy policy



Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you have enjoyed your stay! Come back often!


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